The Cards

Note: titles are given for identification purposes only - you may see the energies very differently.



The Transcendent (Unmanifest)

Ultimate Reality

The Zero, nothingness
Before anything became, the Void was.


And then something that is not void... a shift, a tremor, the hint of a sound, the germination of possibility... a spark in the void:

First Light.

And, suddenly, darkness convulses into light. Consciousness explodes into the Void, and begins to create a reflection of itself.

1 First Light
2 Divinity
3 Creation

The Seraphim (Angelic Realms)

As the Divine Consciousness reaches out in that cataclysmic explosion of energy we call the Big Bang, It creates different aspects of Itself: the Shining Ones - Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine principles); ecstasy; inspiration, abundance; compassion and love; majesty, aspiration, and connection.

4 The Grace
5 Eros
6 Ecstasy
7 Divine Inspiration
Deva of Love
9 Deva of Worlds
 10 Compassion (Raphael)
11 Deva of Connection (Gabriel)
12 Warrior of the Light (Mikhael)
13 Abundance (Uriel)

The Fundamental Laws

Next to form are the fundamental laws that underpin all reality, and which human minds usually see as polarities. However, each continuum is a whole: the Beginning is part of the End, the End is part of the Beginning - both are part of the underlying Unity of the divine hologram. There is no division, so Chaos and Order, Growth and Decay, and Spacetime ... all part of the essential unity of creation.

At the same time these Devas represent the four fundamental interactions of the universe - gravity, electromagnetism, and the nuclear strong and weak forces.

14 Chaos / Order
15 Growth/Decay
16 Spacetime
17 Eternity (Alpha/Omega)

The Elements

Similarly, the elements - Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, represent the building blocks of matter. We see them today as chemical elements - hydrogen, oxygen etc, the atomic value of each making up the periodic table. But the Fifth Element, Spirit, indicates that whatever we call them, however we see them, it is all part of the One Spirit.

18 Spirit
19 Fire
20 Air
21 Water
22 Earth

Transcendent Qualities

The emanations of Divinity continue to move outward energetically, forming Qualities of the Unity. We call them names such as rebirth and metamorphosis, courage, guardianship, witnessing.

23 Rebirth / Emergence
24 The Initiator
25 Witness
 26 Guardian
27 Metamorphosis
28 Courage
29 Night Bird / Vision
30 Kali Dance

Ambivalent Qualities

Electromagnetic energies and emotions surge through the grid; elementals hover on invisible wings. Consciousness now looks for a different challenge, and begins to slow down the rate of vibration (sound, light). This creates slower, heavier vibrations...

31 Dark Night
32 Titan (Prometheus)
33 Ambivalence
34 Splitting
35 The Shadow

Finally we encounter the Devas of the Shadow. In energetic terms, labelling something 'evil' or 'good' is nonsensical. It is only mankind that makes this sort of value-judgement. However, if we allow ourselves to hook into that challenging energy, acting it out - those acts can be seen as evil. The Devas of the Shadow allow us the choice: do we act out malevolence, anger, denial, resistance, deceit, fear (who does not fear that walk into the Valley of Shadow?), or do we choose compassion and love? In the end, it is up to us.

The Immanent (Manifest)

Once the rate of vibration has reached the level of physical manifestation, the Divine Consciousness gathers itself... reaches through from the Other ... and creates the cosmos, its energy made manifest.

36 Cosmos

From that swirling burst of gaseous energy form the stars, the nebulae and, in an obscure part of one of the magnificent spiral nebulas, our Sun flames into being.

37 Nebula
38 Stars
39 The Sun

The Planets

The Sun's acolytes, the planets that took form around this small star, take shape. Mercury, Venus, Earth (Gaia) and her moon; Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

40 Mercury
41 Venus
42 Gaia
43 Moon
44 Mars
 45 Jupiter
46 Saturn
47 Uranus
48 Neptune
49 Pluto

The Seasons

In a conscious reflection of the Fundamental Laws of the Universe, we see the four seasons of Earth.

50 Spring
51 Summer
52 Autumn
53 Winter

The Kingdoms of Life on Earth

Reflecting the periodic table above, the manifested energy creates its wondrous diversity of minerals, plants, animals, insects ... and humanity.

54 Mineral Kingdom
55 Plant Kingdom
56 Animal Kingdom
57 Insect Kingdom
58 Deva of Humanity

Earth environments

Gaia's different environments – from the highest point (mountains) to the deepest, in the oceans; valleys, which offer us safe havens; the World Tree, holding the earth within its roots; the rich harvest of the prairie and the silence of the desert; the weather and its power; and the cave, where we first learnt to express our wonder at the earth and its marvels in pigment.

59 Mountain
60 Valley
61 Ocean
62 Desert
63 World Tree
64 Harvest
65 Storm-Maker (Weather)
66 Cave

Devas of the Threshold

The seed is the gateway to the Devas of the Invisible. We can still see cells through our extended eyes, but not even the most powerful electron microscopecan can enter the atomic realm. We posit its existence only - as well as the electrons and neutrons thgat swirl around the minute nucleus. Still smaller, too small for our minds to comprehend and thus even more mysterious, we next come to the quantum level, with its paradoxical laws, its uncertainties, and constant 'zero point' energy field.

Beyond the quantum field, we encounter the most mysterious field of all, the missing mass of the cosmos - what scientists at present call 'dark energy', within which - if we allow ourselves to be there in full surrender - we might sense the heartbeat of the universe.

 67 Seed
68 Cells
69 Atom
70 Quantum
71 The Seed Void