Devas are ‘The Shining Ones’, as experienced by Vedic scholars four millennia ago.

The Devas

The Devas of Creation illustrate the concept of the invisible energy patterns in the universe. Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘shining ones’; it has more of an animist slant than our more familiar term 'angel', which comes from the Greek angelos, meaning messenger. Devas are primordial energies, inner blueprints for every aspect of existence – from the smallest sub-atomic particle to Divinity itself.

Seventy-two images move from the nothingness of the Void to the first spark, then to the massive explosion of consciousness into energy that could be called the Big Bang, or the Source. From there we move through the different aspects of creation - the fundamental laws, the angelic realms and qualities of consciousness, to denser, more ambivalent states. The Creative Energy is then ready to create its most difficult - and most impressive - manifestation: matter.

Reflecting Divine Consciousness, the cosmos forms, together with the heavenly bodies, the stars and nebulae, the sun, the planets and our earth. We see its elements, the seasons and its environments, and take a trip down into the microscopic and the quantum realms. Finally we move through into the most mysterious realm of all, dark matter or the Seed Void, which leads us back to the Void itself

The Devas of Creation are a new and unique concept. The seventy-two images are used to connect not only with intuition and the subconscious, but also with the energies of creation itself.

The images can be used for self-awareness and -development, for meditation, journeying, and the growth of spiritual and psychic abilities. In addition, meditating on the images and allowing ourselves to journey into them, connects us with the rhythms of existence and Divinity, the Source, God/dess - however you envisage All That Is. Our energy then aligns with that of the cosmos, and we open ourselves to our highest Good.