About Cilla Conway

Cilla Conway was born in Holland and brought up in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), and that country’s deep, potent energy still influences her art. She took a graphic design course in Natal, South Africa, and in 1971 emigrated to Britain. After living in London for many years, she moved to Italy in 2016.

She first became aware of the Devas in 1987 when she began painting large intuitive oils (shown here). The beings which appeared in these works felt immense, as if they inhabited more than one dimension. After seven years, to her sorrow, the creative energy died down; but in 2002 at a talk on angels, she was offered the realization that she could now produce a set of images that reflect the enormous power and magnitude of these beings.

As she painted, a whole cosmology took shape, which – condensed into just seventy-two images – can only be a minute fraction of the variety, beauty and wonder of the cosmos and the Divine Mind that created it. But if they offer anyone a glimpse into that awe-inspiring creation, they’ll have served their purpose.

The images are mainly A4 size (210 x 297mm) and were produced on card or canvas, using acrylics, oils, oil pastel, spraypaint, or watercolour. After scanning some of the images were re-imaged in Photoshop, through filters or colour alterations – Atom, Growth and Decay, and Night Bird, for example.

The booklet and decks were hand-printed for 8 years by Cilla, but she was then offered a bursary by the Tarot Association of the British Isles to get them published. After months of research into the various options, she chose a company in the UK who outsourced the printing to China. The resulting booklet and deck were excellent quality. The deck was published in 2014 and is available only from this site, and at Watkins Bookshop (London, UK).

Cilla is currently (2019) producing a second Deva deck, the Multi-Dimensional Devas. This is a 48-card deck, intended to be used together with the Devas of Creation, or separately.

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The Devas of Creation is available

as a box-set of cards and 80-page book

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NB: The Multi-Dimensional Devas (a 48 card deck) will also be available from this website in 2020


‘The Intuitive Tarot and Devas of Creation arrived this morning, and I just want to say that they are some of the most incredible pieces of work I have seen in tarot/oracles. I literally get a funny feeling at the back of my head as I look at them, as if I’m being pulled into the cards like a vortex. I am very, very glad I bought them. Thank you.’ Rachel, London – 2020

‘Cilla, it’s so much more impressive in reality, I mean the deck, those images. I thought I knew what I was getting, but no, there’s so much beyond. Sorry, my speechless and overwhelmed consciousness doesn’t let me find proper words. Dazed and enchanted‘ … Maria, Greece, 2019

‘Dear Cilla, They arrived!!!! Thank you for your courageous work in creating them; they are gorgeous.’ … Merry, US, 2019

‘When I first met the Devas through Cilla’s deck I felt as if another world had become visible to me. Their different energies from turbulent to nurturing from ecstatic to calm enabled me to see those different layers in myself and in the world around me. The Devas talk, they have much to say, listening to them and working with their unfolding guidance has been at times a challenge and a joy. They have helped me to continue to know my own truth and to see the sometimes wider vision of possibilities I may have lost sight of.’ Pauline, UK, 2019

‘I am so looking forward to delving into your deck. My good friend T showed me a copy, and I fell in love with your imagery. And the topics are very aligned with my own heart. Thank you so much.‘ Dani, US, 2018

‘The deck arrived 3 days ago, I am so happy ! I love it !  It is an incredible, powerful deck, with gorgeous art.’ Jessica, France, 2018

‘I received your profound deck on Tuesday evening.  I read through your offerings in the accompanying book and did a reading… I am truly moved and have such gratitude for this gift you have created.’ Christine, Australia, 2018

‘The deck arrived safely yesterday afternoon (in the midst of a terrible thunder storm!). It’s even more beautiful in person than it shows on-line or in the Youtube videos. … I definitely resonate with the images as well as what I’ve read so far of your writing.’ Donna, US, 2018