About Cilla Conway

Cilla Conway was born in Holland and brought up in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), and that country’s deep,┬ápotent energy still influences her art. She took a graphic design course in Natal, South Africa, and in 1971 emigrated to Britain. She currently lives in London.

She first became aware of the Devas in 1987 when she began painting large intuitive oils (shown here). The beings which appeared in these works felt immense, as if they inhabited more than one dimension. After seven years, to her sorrow, the creative energy died down; but in 2002 at a talk on angels, she was offered the realization that she could now produce a set of images that reflect the enormous power and magnitude of these beings.

As she painted, a whole cosmology took shape, which – condensed into just┬áseventy-two images – can only be a minute fraction of the variety, beauty and wonder of the cosmos and the Divine Mind that created it. But if they offer anyone a glimpse into that awe-inspiring creation, they’ll have served their purpose.

The images are mainly A4 size (210 x 297mm) and were produced on card or canvas, using acrylics, oils, oil pastel, spraypaint, or watercolour. After scanning some of the images were re-imaged in Photoshop, through filters or colour alterations – Atom, Growth and Decay, and Night Bird, for example.

The booklet and decks were hand-printed for 8 years by Cilla, but she was then offered a bursary by the Tarot Association of the British Isles to get them published. After months of research into the various options, she chose Imago ( and although the process took 18 months, the resulting booklet and deck were exceptional. The deck was published in 2014 and is available on this site, at Watkins Bookshop, and on

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You may be interested to check out other people working with multi-dimensional energies:

Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. Tom Kenyon is a teacher, scientist and sound healer working in the US. He channels the Hathors, multi-dimensional beings whose wisdom has been a source of guidance for many for some years. The latest message from the Hathors is that we are moving from fourth dimensional consciousness to fifth dimensional reality – with all the perils and chaos this entails – not helped by the ‘terrestrial powers’ on earth or, indeed, in the wider universe, which they see as a tug of war for the human spirit (and presumably for the other beings on earth, as we are not the only creatures blessed with spiritual awareness).


Dr Michael Sharp. His ebook The Great Awakening (Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice) and the Book of Light are available free on his website together with some beautiful artwork. Other books, in particular the Song of Creation have much in common with the Devas. are available to buy. The books are beautiful and the poetry too – some may prefer his more optimistic outlook.

The Divine Cosmos. David Wilcock’s website and Project Camelot has a seminar on the ‘Science of Peace’ and Field of Consciousness. Three free Convergence books are available on the site and there are some great graphics, too. Star of the site, however, is the 101-minute video on Youtube to ‘discuss the state of the world and the cosmos’ in the light of 2012. ‘We are being pushed to the next level of our evolution’ through the catalyst of difficult situations – the Shadow.

Breaking Open the Head. Daniel Pinchbeck’s shamanic site (and if you’re interested in shamanic wisdom, have a look at the book ‘The Cosmic Serpent’, by Jeremy Narby). The indigenous shamans have access to wisdom that we in the west have only recently discovered – the spiral of life (DNA) for example, and all plant remedies which we have barely begun to understand. This wisdom was taught them by the plants themselves, in ayahuascan journeys).

The Awakening. A source of Mayan wisdom. A lovely site, all the better for giving a very different viewpoint.

Devas, Nature Spirits and Angels. A couple of websites about the Devas themselves, as well as other beings such as Dragons, body elementals and other elementals.

Coven of Cythrawl – Nature devas, Elementals, Nature Spirits. It links to Wicca and witchcraft information as well as druidry.

William R. Mistele – Some of the most beautiful meditations I’ve ever read, on the elementals and Devas.

The Devas of Creation is now available

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