The Devas of Creation – the deck

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The Devas of Creation – the deck
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The Devas of Creation is available, published by cc3 Publications, London (2014).

The limited edition deck consists of a boxed set of of 72 cards and 100-page booklet.


People use the Devas of Creation for meditation; to help work through negative energy patterns; for guidance, and for problem solving. Therapists utilize them for colour therapy or for their clients to ‘read’ the images like sophisticated Rorschach blots.

Enjoy working with them!


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  1. Sep 13, 2015

    Review by Jennifer Uzzell (summarised from the review on
    I first encountered the Devas of Creation at a workshop with the author and artist, Cilla Conway. She had laid the cards out in a spiral with ‘the void’ at the centre, and the images made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
    I saw at once that they are intended to represent creation; the explosion of pure consciousness and potential into time and space, which strongly resonates with me through my interest in Eastern spirituality and, in particular, Kashmiri Shaivite Hinduism where Shiva represents absolute undifferentiated consciousness (The Void) while his consort Parvati represents the extension of that potential into the manifested universe.
    I was therefore delighted to find that this idea, rather than being just my own personal reaction, was shared by the author. Her name for the cards, ‘The Devas of Creation’ is a reflection of the Sanskrit names given to semi-divine beings, meaning ‘the shining ones’.
    This is not a tarot deck but a set of 72 oracular cards, divided into two sections, one representing pure energy – elemental beings of immense power and presence – and the other depicting the physical universe, from the cosmos itself down to the level of cells and quantum particles, before reverting to the void. The other section is devoted to the ‘devas’ themselves. The unmanifested energies are named as they appeared to the author. Some identify themselves by names (such as Uriel) whereas others remain more mysterious (such as the enigmatic ‘Witness’).
    The colours are bright and dramatic and the art is nearly, but not quite abstract in many cases. The humanoid figures are there, but only just, dimly perceived. For me, the abstract dimension allows the images to speak directly to the emotional and intuitive mind rather than the rational. They suggest ideas, connections and emotions, which can change day-to-day.
    The book that accompanies the cards suggests associations that the author has encountered in working with the cards, but space is given for the user to note down their own experiences and encounters and to develop for themselves a dynamic relationship with the beings depicted.
    I use the cards in meditation and contemplation, although they can also be used for personal readings. Research into some of the cards that I felt a particular connection to opened up new levels of meaning that I had not previously considered.
    I am not a regular tarot user but the immediate emotional impact the ‘Devas of Creation’ had on me attracted me to them and for personal meditation and in daily spiritual practise I find them to be very useful… always drawing me deeper in.

    Jennifer Uzzell is a Druid with a strong interest in Hindu and Buddhist spirituality. She is currently studying for a PhD in the Study of Religion with Durham University and co-owns a rather unusual funeral home with her partner.

  2. Apr 10, 2017

    Cilla Conway The Devas of Creation
    72 Oracle Cards and 78 page Guidebook

    These 72 Oracle Cards are wonderfully broad in their understanding and interpretations. Blending history going back more than 6000 years with current science, both Eastern and Western traditions are respected. The Earth and natural world is also given much-needed recognition and indeed, love.

    I first saw information about this deck when I was looking at Youtube reviews of Oracle decks, with a view to purchasing some for myself.

    It seems that there are many themes for Oracle decks, but only a few with a broad and cosmic view. I was not happy with any as I found many of them limited in scope.

    Cilla Conway has such a broad understanding that these cards do not feel at all limited and narrow. I have found the cards accessible and easy to interpret. I love the abstract representations of angelic and other energies in this card deck. I find that many other decks have an anthropomorphised image of Angels.

    I particularly love the presence of the Number 0 card and what that represents conceptually.

    This oracle card deck also offers a depth of interpretation which I think we all urgently need if we are to maintain life on our beautiful planet.

    It also offers balance between all forces, including light and shadow. One of my personal pet hates is the “Think positive” mantra, often accepted without conscious thought by many in the New Age community. This pretence that we do not have a darker side, to be looked at honestly in order to love it and transform it, does us all a disservice. Indeed, I think it makes our journey more difficult.

    This Oracle Card deck also asks us to look deeper, to see into the broad issues affecting us all on Earth at present. It helps us to realise how we can be a part of the deep level healing needed on Earth and all of us who depend on our planet.

    “The Deva’s steadfast resilience and endurance will be needed in the times ahead. The Shining Ones can, of course, feel the energies swirling and shifting. Indeed, they are that energy. The failure of our current systems are part of their gift to us: to allow some new paradigm to emerge.”
    p 26, The Devas of Creation

    The cards I drew today, in case anyone is interested:
    1. Number 25 Witness
    2. Number 21 Water
    3. Number 39 Sun
    4. Additional Card Number 45 Jupiter

    Susan Jennifer Barclay
    Melbourne, Australia

    Susan Barclay is a social worker, social activist, mother and musician. She has had several decades of experience with both Eastern and Western philosophy and spirituality.

  3. Aug 22, 2017

    I don’t normally post comments from people who buy the deck, but Tilia’s feedback somehow resonated with me so I asked her if I could post it. (She said yes.)
    ‘just to let you know that my Devas arrived safely last Thursday. I wanted to write back sooner, but then I’ve decided to let my impressions settle. As soon as I flipped through the cards I was stunned by their beauty and eloquence. Not that I didn’t know what to expect, but the art itself and the reproduction on the cards is far more beautiful then I’d expected. In the last week it’s been my sole deck I was working with and it brought me some new angles on a situation I’m in. Pretty clever those Devas. It found me in a perfect moment of life. 
    Thank you Cilla for 72 inspiring pieces of the purest art.
    With love, Tilia
    Thank you, Tilia – your comments somehow cover all the aspects of the Devas that I feel are most important!

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