The Devas

Devas are ‘The Shining Ones’, as experienced by Vedic scholars four millennia ago.

Whether you choose to see them as gods, angels, or multi-dimensional energies, they are the blueprints for every facet of existence, and both create and underpin everything in the universe.


Divinity is Consciousness

The Devas of Creation are based on the premise that Divinity is pure Consciousness, and everything in existence is an integral part of that vast Mind. Thus every atom in the universe, even the rocks and planets, are conscious and a holographic reflection of divinity, just as we are.

We are used to thinking of humanity as a reflection of divinity, but perhaps less aware that each part of our bodies would be an integral part of that consciousness, and thus would have - or be - a deva. So there is, for example,a deva of humanity, of our hearts, our blood, our hair. More than that, the deva of mineral life, for example, would have the same consciousness, have the same essence, as we do.

Each deva is part of a holographic whole which contains the same information - that is, the same consciousness - as the Source. The only thing that changes is the scale.

The Stars
The Initiator

Spirituality and science

Today, after a long period of separation, science is again converging with mysticism and philosophy; since the advent of quantum physics, scientists have been bemused to find that their mathematical models began to parallel the writings of mystics and students of the mind. Teachers from all walks of life have taught that we are part of divinity, reflecting its form; that we are beings of light; that we can step outside space and time and attain an feeling of union with something far greater than ourselves. That mind can influence divinity - for example through prayer and conscious intent; indeed, our minds create our world.

Now scientists are beginning to see that these ideas are true - in the quantum level of existence, we are indeed beings of light; that everything in the universe is interconnected by a vast field of energy which is continually exchanging information with itself - which may be Consciousness itself.


The change in world consciousness

The implications of these discoveries are already beginning to affect the way we see the world. The most important effect for us personally will be for us to realise that our thoughts affect our experience - so we are, in a very real sense, the co-creator of our lives. For the world as a whole, however, the incorporation of these ideas will affect every aspect of existence.

Deva of Worlds
Deva of the Mineral World
Deva of the Desert
Warrior of the Light

The images began to appear in November 2002, and grew into a whole cosmology. Since then they have had a profound effect on the artist who produced them, Cilla Conway. Working with them, you experience their transcendent power. Multi-dimensional entities, they are emanations of the Divine Source, and by opening ourselves up to their qualities we bring ourselves into alignment with All That Is.