How to be become your most powerful, authentic and aligned Self through deepening connection with the Divine

We are running this advanced workshop at the Mandali centre near Bologna, Italy, from the 17th September to the 20th September 2018. Working at Mandali offers us the opportunity to deepen our connection with the Divine through our guides and our truest selves, discovering how to open to the unseen, the unknown, the Mystery. It is also a chance for practitioners to replenish, refresh and realign.

During the first workshop in Tuscany, we worked with the overlighting devas and angels of the Apuane mountains to create the workshops. At Mandali we’ll use silence and meditation to connect into the energies of the lake, mountains and woods around the centre to discover what they need us to understand. There will be exercises during the workshop to help everyone open to these powerful beings, as well as meditations, energy work, and exercises to connect in to our hopes and dreams, and the different layers of Shadow. See below for the programme.

The workshop will be led by Cilla Conway and Wendy Erlick. Wendy Erlick is an Angel Reader and intuitive coach, the author of A Gift of an Angel: A Guide to Integrating Spirituality into Everyday Life. Cilla moved to Italy in 2016 and finds the land a constant source of joy and inspiration. She is an artist, tarot consultant, writer, and creator of The Intuitive Tarot, The Byzantine Tarot, and the Devas of Creation. Between them, they have been working with the angelic realms for more than 23 years.



Monday 17th Sept  15.30-18.00 Welcoming Meeting; Introductions; Opening Ceremony:

Monday 17th Sept  18.00-19.00: Free Time

Monday 17th Sept 19.00-20.00 Dinner

Monday 17th Sept 20.30-21.00 Evening Meditation (optional)


Tuesday 18th Sept  07.30-08.00 Meditation (optional)

Tuesday 18th Sept  08.30-09.30 Breakfast

Tuesday 18th Sept  10.00-13.00 The Nature of Consciousness; Living in an Enchanted Universe

Tuesday 18th Sept  13.00-14.00 Lunch

Tuesday 18th Sept  14.30-17.00 Exercise to connect with the Devas, Nature Spirits & Angels

Tuesday 18th Sept  17.00-19.00 Free Time

Tuesday 18th Sept  19.00-20.00  Dinner

Tuesday 18th Sept  20.30-21.00 Evening Meditation (optional)


Wednesday 19th Sept  07.30-08.00  Meditation (optional)

Wednesday 19th Sept  08.30-09.30 Breakfast

Wednesday 19th Sept  10.00-13.00  Energy work and work with The Shadow (gold and black)

Wednesday 19th Sept  13.00-1400:  Lunch

Wednesday 19th Sept  14.30-17.00  The Subtle Art of Manifestation: Visioning –

                                                                  How to make our hopes and dreams manifest

Wednesday 19th Sept  17.00-19.00  Open exercise, based on participants’ requirements

Wednesday 19th Sept  1900-20.00  Dinner

Wednesday 19th Sept  20.30-21.00 Evening Meditation (optional)


Thursday 20th Sept  07.30-08.00  Meditation (optional)

Thursday 20th Se  r  08.00-09.00  Breakfast

Thur0th September  10.00-12.00 Integration and  Closing Ceremony


Both Cilla and Wendy will be available for individual readings and consultations from 14.00 Thursday 20th Sept Until 12 noon Sunday 23rd Sept.